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5 Best Businesses to Start After the Pendemic

Printing business is in high demand these days due to the increase in consumption power of the masses. Any type of printing right from greeting cards to T-shirt prints are most welcome these days. The best part of it is that one can customize the prints according to one’s need. Therefore, printing business has both a personal and a professional touch in it.

Here, we will discuss 5 profitable and small printing business ideas that will be interesting as well as generate good revenue:

T-shirt Printing

T-shirt printing is in high demand these days especially among the youth. The quotes printed on the T-shirts catch our attention immediately. These T-shirts are good gifting option as well and therefore in demand. Therefore, T-shirt printing is one of the good ideas and it can range around 100 – 500 rupees depending on the print. There can be a normal print or even a glow print that glows in the dark and the prices vary accordingly. You can start this printing business easily with very low investment of around $700 or less than 50k Indian rupees.

Mug Printing

Just like T-shirt printing mug printing is very common and it is an equally great gifting option. It adds a personalized touch to your gift. Therefore, mug printing has become a good printing business these days. The charges here are usually based on the number of words that you want to get printed along with the designs. It can range somewhere between 100-1000 rupees to get one mug done.

Flex Printing

Flex printing is mostly referred to Vinyl printing. It is a form in which humid gum is being used and these are very popular these days especially the vinyl banners. The banners are used in corporate event, rallies and even in birthday parties. Therefore, owning a flex printing business can generate high revenues with minimal investment.

Leaflets and Flyers Printing

These days wherever you go, leaflets and flyers have become common. It is a mode of advertising and therefore agencies are always in search of printing companies. This is a profitable business as the demand is always high. You can get in touch with one or two agencies who are looking for such leaflets. A good price, timely delivery and loyal customers is all you need to have a successful and profitable business. Printing of vinyl boards are also very profitable and one can start this with the help of vinyl printer and vinyl board cutters.

Printing of Logo on Promotional Products

Logo printing is more popular among the companies and corporate as part of their promotion strategy. The promotional products can include pen-drive, pen and diaries. Usually the profit in this business is high as one can get bulk orders to make them. Moreover, corporate can pay more prices for logo printing. All you need to do is timely delivery and get in touch with some corporate customers for your business to flourish.





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