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Our company has been in the market for over half a decade and in that time saw a lot of unique and unconventional projects come to life. Our strong hold is our own dynamically developed graphic design studio. Our team has great dedication, experience and outofthisworld creativity.

Graphic design is our passion, and thanks to technological support and access to the best software in the market we are able to make sure that your imagination comes out in the best printable way possible.

We also have experience in typesetting, layouts for all your book publications, commercial print and just about anything that needs a fine design.

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Due to their original advertising form teardrops and sharkfins are becoming increasingly popular. We offer different sizes and shapes attached to various aluminum masts and stabilizers.
A uniquely branded shade might just be what you need to tackle outside weather whilst effectively advertising for your company or personal brand. Gazebos are very easy to assemble and disassemble. They are light in weight and come in various sizes and colors.
The perfect companion for your backgrounds. Easy assemble and disassemble allows you to pitch and advertise anywhere necessary.
For years advertising banners have been
enjoying great popularity, and their main
advantage is big versatility and ease of transport and assembly.

More than that, banners can be freely
adapted to the individual needs of the client. Our offer includes a wide range of visual advertising. We make banners on high quality materials characterized by full color and sharpness of colors.
Show your design in a large format and
stand out amongst others.
Posters give unlimited transfer of information.
Our unique offer includes posters in rare formats that you can give specifics of your own.
We offer printing on wallpaper for the most picky surfaces.
We print any graphics on whiteback with latex which allows easy application with the proper heat.
This material allows the flow of daylight, is a great medium for advertising for both long exposure and short marketing campaigns. Easy application on the display window or on the car window. It enables visibility from inside to outside but not in the other direction.
Stickers printed on various types of materials play an important role in the functioning of large companies. Their main advantage is a broad spectrum of bases on which they can be applied and any shape, size and color. As a direct manufacturer of stickers we supply both matt and gloss and the orders are in a short space of time. We have our own qualified team of installers to make sure your artworks are properly installed.
These are very functional and practical promotional advertising carriers. The main advantage are their lightweight aluminum constructs which allow quick assemble and disassemble anywhere easily.
Just your perfect piece to complete your outdoor branding. Beautiful sublimation colors to bring out your brand advertisement.
These lightweight plastic boards are the perfect tool for your outdoor advertisement. Be it a sale or campaign, these boards are practical and easily installed. A wooden stand on special occasions to match the beautiful print.
The kind of fabric on which you can print perfect photos in full color, sepia or grayscale. Canvas prints are a great form of presentation of wedding photos, graphic art and various special displays.

paper printing

The modern world needs a business card. Although it is small in size, it contains a wealth of information and allows you to create the image of any company. For our clients, we offer business cards that come in quality, be it single or double sided. Our graphic design studio will develop a design that allows your brand to exquisitely stand out. We offer different paper thickness and side and lamination.

85x55mm | 90x50mm

One of the most effective forms of advertising is a static poster.

Combined with the right public place it could play and important role for information and advertising.
We offer our a variety of formats and sizes.

A1  A2  A3

Letterheads act as a relay for basic contact data for your company, but it is mainly used for correspondence with clients and for the company’s documentation. Using the company’s stationery dramatically improves its image and also has a positive effect on the perception of the company as vibrant and modern. This type of paper is offered in a basic weight of 90g, on request we can apply a higher weight.


The use of different kinds of folders can be used to consolidate the company’s brand on the market.
The most commonly used are bid folders; as a form of protection for commercial documents and marketing materials. Depending on the purpose and needs, we offer a folder with increased volume
and thickness for the back.

Single Creased | Double Creased

Our offer includes very practical, for daily use work/company notepads. They can pass information and promotional information. These products are mainly printed on a weight of 80-100g. Different finishes include gluing, thermal binding or spiral binding.

A4  A5  A6

The role of planning and organization of our daily life has become second nature and calendars and other informative cards play a major role. We offer a wide range of calendars in book form, for walls and desktops.

From invitation for weddings to seasonal and commemorative ones, we offer a wide range of tailor made, elegant cards.

A1  A2  A3  A4  A5  A6  DI

Whether its schools, accounting departments or offices. We offer prints that adapt to requirements of administration, banking, construction, accounting as well as patterns of invoices, bills, personnel documents and many others. We print carbon-less forms, transfer orders, storage files and attendance lists. Browse through our catalog to find out more.

A4  A5  A6

Company printed envelopes are the first impression and the advertising message for the sender.
We offer corporate envelopes in a variety of formats, rich colors, printed on both sides.

DL  C6  C5  C4

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apparel & gadgets

We have our own special machines for printing and decorating all your clothing. Depending on the load of the material and using different techniques we print on t-shirts, shirts, table cloths and a wide range of textiles.
An ideal piece of advertising that shows off your brand in a fashionable manner. From caps, buckets hats,woolen hats and protective headwear, we have the best quality print for all your needs.
An ideal medium of advertising. As a company gift or gadget, it works on any occasion. From mugs, to stationery, hard disks and drives, our sublimation methods produce high quality prints to make your brand stand out.
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